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WMFG 2.0T Kiteboarding Pump – Extra Large


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Product Description


NEW 2nd Generation

2.0T Extra Tall Kiteboarding Pump


The WMFG 2.0T Kiteboarding Pump is a new and improved EXTRA TALL version of the high rated 1.0T Kiteboarding Pump,

The 2.0T pump is a big, tall, and high volume pump allowing you to inflate your kite easier, faster and better.



New Mega Flex Hose: Extra durable, super flexible, fits kites even better. 

New One-Way/Two-Way Switch: even easier to change from High Volume to High Pressure

New Threaded Boston Valve: Extra secure, high volume for kites fitted with the Boston inflation valve (Naish, Airush, Switch, Takoon)


Height: 24″/61cm (Extra Tall!)
Diameter: 4″/10cm


Top Build Quality:

A pump is the most important tool the you will own as a kiteboarder and anyone who has been kiting for more than a season knows that the typical kite pump you get with your new kite won’t last forever.  Sand, salt, and regular abuse will destroy the low end pumps fairly quickly.  WMFG has made a pump that will stand up to that abuse and keep you going season after season.  The 2.0T builds upon the high quality build and awesome features of the 1.0T pump to create an even more impressive Kiteboarding pump.


High Volume:

This extra tall pump (4″/10cm taller than the 1.0T) gives you increased volume and the awesome benefit of reduced strain on your back while pumping.   Single- to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure



Built in Gauge:

This pump features a high quality built in gauge displaying the actual pressure of your kite while inflating.  Having a built in gauge reduces stress on the hose and helps to eliminate sand and other debris from getting into the gauge.



Screw on Hose:

Almost all kite pumps use the same twist lock hose which tends to bend the hose when your pump is set down.  It also allows the hose to come loose from the pump while inflating.  The WMFG 2.0T pump features a screw on hose which helps to eliminate both problems.



Will work with any kite on the market.  Every WMFG pump comes with 5 specially designed nozzles making it compatible with all the kite brands on the market.  It even comes with the Liquid Force Max Flow inflation nozzle.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 4 in


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