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Liquid Force Mission Control System


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Liquid Force Mission Control System


The all new 2017 Mission Control Bar from Liquid Force is a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality.  1 size bar, adjustable between 49cm and 55cm.


Designed with extensive engineering and pure function in mind, the Mission Control Bar is at the heart of your kiteboarding experience. A control bar is one of the few tactile and highly interactive components in your gear box. With this in mind Liquid Force has examined and engineered every part and function incorporated into the bar to meet the highest standards of safety, performance and quality. Rigorous lab and field testing show that the Mission Control Bar offers one of the best kite to rider connections on the market.  No inner moving parts, no gimmicks, no clicks or fancy balls.  Just a simple but extremely functional design.


The Mission Control bar utilizes a molded technology that reduces weight and unnecessary parts along with adding strength. The minimal design has exactly what you need and nothing more, making for an intuitive and easy to use system.


5th line adjustment kit available.




Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 4 x 4 in


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