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KiteFix Replacement Kite Bladders


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Product Description

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KiteFix Replacement Kite Bladders

Xtreme Kite Bladders by KiteFix have been specifically developed to withstand any kind of abuse. They are 100% PU which is the same material used by manufacturers. Xtreme Bladders are well known for their flexibility. When put under pressure they stretch and then quickly go back to their original shape. Xtreme Bladders can be used in any kite.

These bladders are generic and come in a wide range of sizes to fit any kite size.  You can buy new stick on valves or use AIRTIME Valve traps along with your current valves to create a perfectly matched bladder.


How to choose the right bladder:

Simply measure remove your existing bladder from your kite and measure it from one tip to the other.  You always want to select a bladder which is slightly bigger than your existing bladder rather than slightly smaller.  You can always use a larger than required bladder but never one that is too small.  If you are going on vacation and looking for a spare bladder it is always best to select the appropriate size for your largest kite.


How to build your bladder:

Building a new bladder is as simple as laying out your old bladder next to the new one and marking out the locations of the valves with a permanent marker.  Then you simply cut out a small hole at each location and stick on your new valves.  Most manufacturers valves are available in a stick on replacement version but the most cost effective method is to use AIRTIME valve traps with your existing valves (as long as they are in good condition).  Valve traps are a simple product which allows you to reattach any kite valve to any bladder.


Xtreme Kite Bladders are available for both leading edges and struts and come in various sizes to match you kite.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 4 in
Bladder Type

Leading Edge, Strut


50", 60", 70", 80", 90", 21', 25', 28', 32', 36'


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