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2010 Zeeko Notus 9m Kite and bag


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Product Description

2010 Zeeko Notus 9m Kite and bag

The kite is in good used condition but shows some signs of wear from normal use and the canopy has some minor discolouration.  Overall the canopy is free from any major wear or damage and has no repairs.  The trailing edge and leading edge are in very good condition.  The pulleys for the bridal lines move freely and show no signs of   major wear.

About the Zeeko Notus 

The ultimate flying machine from Zeeko is Notus. It is specifically engineered to deliver maximum efficiency for freestyle and freerides. For easy set up and enhanced maneuverability, the kite uses a simplified bridle system, built on a three attachment point concept. This concept allows the Notus to turn fast and predictable and still remain stable and well balanced in any wind conditions. Turning and stability are also increased by the use of a new aerodynamic leading edge. The design of the Notus is intended to develop good low end power for speed and tricks, yet assure a smooth and comfortable ride at all times.

The progressive and firm bar feeling combined with the reengineered shape deliver excellent turn speeds, and easy, comfortable steering and handling. Wearable parts are reinforced for maximum life cycle, yet Neto maintains a light weight and a responsive control at all times. Once on the water, the kite offers optimal performance and safety. Features like easy set up and quick relaunch with the use of the ERA or easy relaunch assistant make it suitable even for beginner and advanced riders.


Inspection report:

Product type: Kite               Brand: Zeeko             Model: Notus

Size: 9m               Width: N/A               Other dimension: N/A


Overall condition rating:   7/10

Notes: Good used condition. No rips or repairs. No issues to note.


Canopy Rating: 7/10

Notes: No repairs to canopy, material is somewhat crispy, with a few salt stains. Dacron still in excellent condition. Material is less crispy towards trailing edge, also some discolouration of the colours from sun exposer.


Leading Edge Rating: 7/10

Notes: Fairly clean. No major scuffs or marks. Some small stains and scrapes. Discolouration of the LE due to sun exposer.


Bladders/Inflation System: 7/10

Notes: Multiple point inflation system. 4 struts. Valves are in good condition. No issues to note. Bladders have not been removed for inspection.


Inflation Test: 12 – 16:30 (No pressure difference in the struts or the leading edge)


Bridle lines, pulleys, other components: 8/10

Notes: Very good condition. No major wear found.


Other notes: Comes with the original bag which is also in good condition. All components of bag work.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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