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Ottawa Kiteboarding Lessons


We conduct regular lessons all year both in water and on land.  During the winter months we also conduct snowkiting lessons on the Ottawa river once the water has frozen to a safe thickness.

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet and one that can be done by pretty much anyone.  That being said it can also be dangerous and should not be attempted without proper and sufficient instruction.


Kiteboarding Lesson Packages

At KiteLife we offer several lesson packages to suit your needs.  Kiteboarding Lesson packages are a great way to save money and get riding as fast as possible.  They also make an excellent gift for a friend or loved one.  Each of the packages (excluding the intro class) comes with a 1 year student card which gets you 10% off anything is store!  Check out our packages below for more information.

Hourly Progression Lessons ($100/Hour)

We also offer hourly instruction where you can pay-as-you-go if you do not want to commit to a full lesson package.  Once you have completed the intro course and are ready to hit the water we will take you out and get you started on a smaller kite.  You will be taught to practice all the required exercises including body dragging, self rescue, launching (assisted), landing (assisted), and water starts.  Once your instructor is satisfied that you are able to conduct all the basic exercises you will be ready for supervised practice stage.  This stage can take 4-10 hours depending on your ability and the conditions.  Some students may required additional training.

Progression lessons and all of our packages include all the required equipment except booties.  It is required to have some kind of neoprene boots prior to your lessons in order to protect your feet.  For winter lessons it is best to have your own snowboard or skis but we do have some available.



Supervised Practice ($50.00 for 2 hours)

Once you have reached a certain level and gained enough experience it is no longer worth it to pay hourly for lessons.  We see a lot of people who have reached this stage and choose to not continue their lessons and go out on their own.  It is highly recommended that you take part in our supervised practice once you have reached this stage.  We will be there to help, offer support and provide boat rescue if required.

You will be required to have your own equipment to take part in the supervised practice.  Some gear may be available upon request.


How to Sign Up


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