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Meet the Kite Life Team!

At Kite Life in Ottawa we have an awesome group of individuals from all around the world who work hard to share their experience and knowledge with new students and customers.  Whether you're new to the sport and want to take lessons or need advice on what gear to choose we are happy to help you out.

Noah Anderson - Instructor 

Noah is the latest addition to the Kite Life team and is a PASA Level 1 Certified Kiteboarding Instructor.  He has been kiteboarding from a very young age and has experience riding all over North America in various conditions.  Noah's knowledge, patience and ability to clearly explain things will help you progress through your lessons and get you up and riding quickly.  If you're looking to push yourself to the next level he can help you with that too.  Noah is experienced in many disciplines including advanced tricks, strapless, and riding with boots.

In addition to being a kiteboarding instructor you may also find him in the store or leading one of our night SUP tours. 

Vassili Zaytcef - Instructor

After kitesurfing in the maritimes for many years, Vassili moved to Ottawa and has decided to enjoy as much wind as he can get in this beautiful area.  Usually the big appeal to kiteboarding is the huge air you can get but Vassili says he enjoys playing around in the chop the most.  

Vassili is an excellent teacher for brand new students but also enjoys teaching more advances techniques like riding toe-side, carving, jibing, going from heel side to toe-side and breaking the waves with your board. He's also happy to help you improve your skills and learn new tricks in a safe and secure way.

Sam Horder - Past Instructor 

From the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, Sam has swapped the surf for snow and moved to Ottawa for something a little different! With a background in surf-instruction, Sam brings 15 years of ocean experience to the rivers of Canada.

"Teaching people how to surf is very similar to kiteboarding. In both situations students have a lot to think about all at once and it's important for the teacher to help them to be able to relax and focus on technique, as well as have fun while they're getting bumped around by the waves and kite"

Sam has also raced sailing boats in the Australian outback where winds constantly shift and flooded valleys provide plenty of obstacles to run around.

"About 7 years ago I started to put sailing and surfing together and picked up windsurfing and kiteboarding.  Pretty soon after that I was obsessed with kiteboarding so I quit my job at the hospital, sold all my junk, and went travelling for a year so I could kite all day!"

Sam surfed and taught kiting in Denmark, Tanzania, Morocco and Nicaragua before landing at Kite Life in Ottawa! 

Jamie Boocock - Instructor

Jamie is a KiteLife instructor with over 10 years of kiteboarding experience. After learning to kite as a 13 year-old he has continued to progress in the sport and taken a passion in sharing the stoke with others. You will find Jamie riding on the quiet beaches of Constance Bay during all seasons. He enjoys strong winds in the summer and deep powder in the winter.

Nate Lynch - Owner

In 2012 Nate became interested in Kiteboarding and quickly realized how addicting the sport was.  With limited resources available in Canada he discovered an opportunity to start a business that could bring all the gear and services to Ottawa giving people easy access to the things they needed.  In early 2013 Nate started an online only business offering mostly preowned kites and repair products.  After 3 years of selling online, and repairing numerous kites and other equipment he decided it was time to open a small retail shop as close as possible to the water.  In May of 2016 Kite Life opened near Britannia Beach with a plan to start small in it's first year and expand relatively quickly into year 2 and 3.  Although he ends up running the business more than kiting he still very much enjoys the water and gets out every possible chance.  

Interested in joining the team?


We are always looking for new people to come work with us.  If you're a laid back person who enjoys water/snow and loves to kite and or paddle check out the positions below.

  • Kite Instructor/Assistant Instructor
  • SUP Instructor/Guide
  • Sales Rep (in-store and on location)
  • Repair tech

If you are interested in the above positions please send us an email with your resume to sales@kitelife.ca